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Tap Phong is a leading retailer of premium quality cookware and dinnerware, based in Toronto, Canada. Established since 1984, Tap Phong has excelled for its inexpensive and commercial grade products, loved by home cooks and top restaurants alike.

Tap Phong was initiated with the aim to deliver a full range of top quality kitchenware, cookware, and tableware at the best prices, perfect for humble homes and restaurants. Staying true to our aim, we are proud to be a leading name in Canada’s kitchenware industry, setting new quality standards that are ideal for every kitchen and chef.

With an extensive range of products, Tap Phong delivers all kitchenware that relates to cooking and baking, and all tableware that can be found on a dinner table. For more than three decades, Tap Phong’s products have been found in homes, banquet halls, hotels, high-end restaurants, and bars all over Canada.

Behind Tap Phong stands a dedicated team that works diligently to serve our clients with the best level of service to ensure their experience shopping with us is a positive one. Whether you come in to our store or shop with us online, our customer care service is always available to provide any assistance you may require.

Browse the full Tap Phong range today for the best cooking, kitchen, and dining products and supplies. From the latest innovations in kitchenware to the most stylish of dinnerware, Tap Phong features it all.

For any questions or concerns, get in touch with us today.